The Original Internet Switch


Does your software
vendor offer Internet connectivity?


Retail Solutions, Inc., has developed a
state-of-the-art 3rd party prescription claim switching software
that sends claims over the Internet.

developed this application back in 1997. So, our application is tried and
tested. No Beta version or http/ftp applications here. We currently have over
40+ pharmacy software vendors and over 1500+ pharmacies (which increases
everyday), who utilize our services and our programs. They were skeptical at
first, but after seeing the speed and reliability of our program and our
excellent customer support, their fears quickly diminished. We are proud of
our company and the vendors who have joined our team.  

say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Our competitors have proven
this to be true. 

client application authenticates a positive connection to our servers. Once
the authentication is complete our server application sends a message to the
client. This double checks the authentication. When a pharmacy claim is sent
to our client, the claim is encrypted (HIPAA approved) and then sent to our
servers. We then send the claim onto the payer who promptly returns a response, that we relay onto the originating

you are interested in Internet connectivity
contact your vendor. If they do not subscribe to our services, contact one of
the participating vendors located in our vendor section. If you are a
pharmacy software vendor interested in  our products or services you

us @ 1.800.962.0036 

us @ 

a confidentiality agreement – fill it out and fax it back to us @

Note – All transactions are secured. There is no need to worry about a
computer hacker intercepting the transaction or reading confidential



Contracts and Documents

PCCA/PK Software/Daytech Switching Contract

ACH Forms and Documentation


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